It all started back in 1993 when I learned how to bread wings. Through the years my passion for delicious food has grown.  Some time later I started making my own rubs for grilling, and people loved them.  Then in 2006 I bought my first smoker from a friend and I was hooked on BBQ.  I did not know all the secrets to good BBQ and I made more bad than good.

My wife became my official taste tester, and although she sampled quite a few ashtray tasting cooks, she stuck by my side and never discouraged me from pursuing my passion for BBQ.  In 2015 I decided that it was time step up my game, and I ordered a custom BBQ pit from Lonestar Grillz.  My cooks were very inconsistent up to that point.  My pit from Lonestar gave me the consistency I needed to fine tune my recipes.

A lot has changed across the years.  I still make my breaded wings, rubs, and BBQ sauces, and some really good BBQ.  So good that you'll want to Lick Your Plate!